There are a few different dimensions in the InfiniVid universe, crossovers are possible but currently unknown. This dimensions feature different characters and can be In Real Life or Digital


  1. Wolf Dimension - the wolf dimension is a digital world that allows people to peek into other dimensions, it's almost like a hub world and is home to InfiniWolf. This dimension features videos floating around, these videos are all past videos from other dimensions
  2. Reality Dimension - it's as simple as it sounds. It is home to Tom, Michael, toms dogs, and his other friends. Most videos feature a glimpse of the real world in the corner of the screen, (anything not scripted basically)
  3. Fury Dimension - the fury dimension is a lot like the reality dimension except the emotion of anger has dominance. If someone in this dimension gets too angry, an evil version of them called their 'fury' will be released. it is so much like the reality dimension that past/future series are known in it
  4. Jack Dimension - the jack dimension is where all the Jack videos take place. tom and mike aren't as intelligent and toms neighbor is genius. this dimension was created by the wolf man to simulate A world with an extreme threat, he gave jack the power to be the ultimate killer, and possibly use him in other dimensions
  5. Geek Dimension - the geek dimension is home to the gaming geek, in this dimension tom is an AVGN ripoff who is surrounded by possessed video games. one video game called skate 3 caused the geek to die.
  6. Minecraft Dimension - home to Mineland


  • Characters in these dimensions can blend into the reality dimension and visa versa. (Except the wolf himself)
  • If a character from one dimension goes to the reality dimension they will simply become the person who portrayed them in their own dimension.
  • When a character from the reality dimension goes into another (excluding the wolf) dimension they'll take over who they are assigned to.
  • the wolf can enter any dimension other than reality because he isn't real
  • when the wolf enters another dimension he is the most powerful being in it
  • this is very similar to how mcjuggernuggets has different characters (i Was inspired)