Freakout videos are videos where people (usually Michael) get mad and destroy stuff


# Name What broke Why it broke How it broke upload date
1 The Pumpkin


Small pumpkin Tom screwed up the pumpkin Poorly cut, bashed

with hammer

2 Enraged Kid

Destroys Xbox one

Xbox one Michael couldnt find GTA V Thrown out window 4/30/17
3 Enraged Kid Smashes Fidget


Spinner Tom called michaels

spinner ugly

hit with baseball bat 5/23/17
4 The Dominoes Freakout Nothing but table flipped Tom deconstructed michaels tower table flipped 7/30/17
5 Enraged Kid Quits Script Michael was not

happy with it

Torn 8/4/17
6 Michael Answers You #AskMichael (FREAKOUT) Nothing, tom shoved Too many hate messages Pushed 8/13/17


  • Michael rages a lot thus, these videos were born.
  • However he does not rage this much a lot on camera
  • but various things have been broken off camera