Heavy Weapons Guy or simple 'Heavy' for short, is an abnormally large Russian man who appears in the video game 'Team Fortress 2'. He is the main character in the heavy plays series and is extremely dangerous. he is killed in the gmod family feud machinima by soldier

cause of death: shot, stabbed with bonesaw, dispenser crush


  • sandvich
  • killing
  • murdering
  • torturing people
  • fighting
  • shooting miniguns
  • causing another organism to lack the trait commonly known as life


  • babies
  • robots
  • people who take his gun
  • scout
  • youtubes algorithm

A Photo of Heavy eating a bar of chocolate and wearing a hat. This is also the same picture to appear In season 4 thumbnails


  • He can be clumsy at times
  • he gets offended easily
  • His weapon is his best friend


  • Aww NOOOOOO!
  • oh this is bad
  • i am angry
  • very bad
  • doctor
  • Sentry, you cannot beat me
  • yatatatatatata yatatatatatata dodododadada KABOOM KABOOM
  • Tiny baby man
  • i will kill you with *BLEEP*
  • stop *BLEEP*ing laughing at heavy
  • I AM dead, big surprise
  • I killed bEAN
  • aaaaaaaaaah
  • i live!
  • kiss me
  • what was that?
  • pootis