The life of Larry was a 2 episode miniseries that featured a gmod ragdoll doing random things


  1. Portal gun- Larry gets a portal gun and messes around
  2. New car- Larry gets a new car and messes around

Planned episodes

  1. Sap man- Larry finds a Sapper from the spy and saps everything
  2. Beer- Larry drinks beer and gets drunk
  3. Kaboom- Larry orders an RPG and blows everything up.
  4. Guns- Larry more guns and shoots stuff

These planned episodes had clips created specifically for the intro of the series.


  • it didn't last long because the editor kept messing up, plus my(toms) voice acting is bad
  • Larry died after episode 2
  • Larry has a drinking problem
  • Other characters include; Bus driver Chell, Mr. Heavy, Salesman Steve, Spy, and Zombies