The adventures of Roger and Hank was a series that ran through the start of 2014 and only lasted 3 episodes

a 4th episode was planned but never made

1- Rogers job: Roger gets a job

2- Charles: Charles McDeath plans to destroy the city

3- Criminals: Roger and Hank rob a bank

4- Mad Libs: (never made) Roger and Hank wander around the city, script would have blanks filled in by submissions from users on Xbox live


Roger- Roger was a random guy who wanted to be an adventurer, he met Hank and planned to have extra fun with him.

Hank- Hank was the owner of a hardware store, he met Roger and became friends, he also gets drunk in episode 3

Charles- Charles McDeath is a White Mr.T, Arnold Schwartzenegger, And far cry 3 vaas combo. He planned on taking over the city but was killed by Hank

Gary- Gary is Rogers cousin who helps Roger and Hank rob a bank.

Cop- the cop only appeared in the criminals episode and is very out of shape.

Gerald- Gerald is a bodybuilder who had a massive freak out at the eye doctors

Will- Will is a German man who buys a hat in ep 1

Mr. Dragon- Mr. Dragon is the owner of a car dealership, he fires Roger for slow work

Frank- frank is the owner of a resteraunt and he fires Roger for eating all the food

Marcus- Marcus is the owner on the eye doctor office, he hates fighting and fired Roger for being too aggressive on Gerald.

Lee- Lee is just a random guy who appears in ep 1 and enters hanks hardware

Suzy- Suzy is a news reporter who interviews Roger and Hank (secretly she's a man)


  • Roger was intended to work as a lumber jack in ep 1 but the scene was never recorded