Tom has a number of game systems not all of them are in use though

PS1- this was toms first system back in 2006 was away for nearly 7 years

Nintendo DS/DSi- Tom got this around the same time as the ps1 and DSi when it came out

xbox- Tom got an original Xbox in 2010 and never uses it anymore

Xbox 360- Tom got his 360 in 2009 and uses it the most out of every system he owns, however it sucks as it is over 5 years old and requires an 'update' to work every week nearly. It also has trouble downloading games. Eventually tom would get a new 360 in 2016 as the old one did not work with 90% of games digital or disc. reason for getting a new one was because tom (me) doesn't think Microsoft really cares about what we want on the backwards compatibility list and that most of his games will not be compatible

PS2- Tom has a ps2 he got in 2012 it is at his grandparents house

PS4- Tom got the PS4 in 2015 for his birthday and doesn't use it that much. It need more games

xbox one- Tom got this for his birthday in 2014 and really likes it, backwards compatibility is one of the biggest features coming soon that I'm excited for I already got it cuz I'm a preview member (I'm Tom)

wii u- Tom got a Wii u in May of 2015 and got splatoon and Mario kart 8 not to mention it can play Wii games

Gamecube- back in like 2008/9 Tom got a gamecube but no longer uses it now

iPad- this is one of toms favorite things, it is used every single day

Nintendo Switch- nintendos hybrid system



Compaq- in 2009 I believe I got this laptop it ran on windows vista and no longer works, fate charging port broke

asus- got this in 2011 and it uses windows 7 it has a little amount of power and is now just a pack up PC it had a power supply issue but was fixed, fate replaced

alienware Area 51- got this in January 2015 as a late birthday gift (by 2 weeks) it uses windows 8.1 and has a gtx980 3-way sli and a Intel core i7 3.5 ghz professor with 12 GB OF RAM!!! That's the think I know most about lol, fate hopefully there never is one